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    Glenna believes “the world is a better place with art in it.”


    Glenna Adkins has been a working, professional artist since 2001 and is widely known for her abstract paintings. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art at University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning (DAAP).

    Glenna thinks abstract artwork makes you think and feel something and activates the brain in a way that representational work cannot always accomplish. Glenna has made her paintings available mostly at art fairs and festivals throughout the country. She loves having conversations and interactions with patrons about her work and the one-on-one aspect of selling directly to the customer. Her husband of 29 years has been by her side at every show and helps with the logistics of getting the work to the shows and displaying and framing the work.


    She has developed her own unique technique for creating her pieces. Flexibility is the key to the success of her paintings. “I try new techniques all the time” is her mantra. Trying not to allow the success of one painting dictate the next one, but allowing it to be a jumping off point for more creative flow. Her work evolves and adapts and her constant need to not get stale and complacent is evident year after year.


    Her use of mixed media allows for flexibility with each piece. Typically a base layer is put down with thin layers of acrylic paint using palette knives and brushes. Then she uses different media such as soft pastel, graphite pencil, ink and oil stick to add detail and interest. Sometimes she etches into wet paint to expose layers underneath. There is a “history” effect to this technique that is especially noticeable when viewing the work up close.


    Glenna’s longtime studio and exhibit space is located at the Pendleton Art Center in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. A building which houses about 150 artists and boasts the worlds largest group of artists under one roof. Please check her schedule for upcoming shows and exhibitions in your area.

  • Schedule


    Final Friday Open Studios

    [ Last Friday of Every Month ]

    5-9 pm Studio 705

    Pendleton Art Center - Cincinnati




    Old Town Art Fair

    Chicago, Illinois



    Art In The Village

    Winnetka, Illinois



    Whitefish Bay Art Fest

    Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin



    Glencoe Festival of Art

    Glencoe, Illinois



    Wilmette Art Fair

    Wilmette, Illinois



    Bucktown Arts Fest

    Chicago, Illinois





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    I am available to do commissions. Please contact me with your specifics.


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